Tried to make him smile but it didn’t quite work

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you know those fancy as hell book editions they have at barnes and noble?

they don’t have a moby-dick one

can you beLIEVE

Title: Blue (Da Ba Dee) Artist: Eiffel 65 252 plays



Blue (Da Ba Dee) // Eiffel 65

true. if i saw heckie as much as i saw the other two i’d have left this website a long time ago

yeah i would have been bringing lj back

I haven’t heard any of those except spoopy???

you live in a beautiful world who the fuck do you follow

when i refresh the page and it’s a split-second before xkit kicks in, i always ALWAYS fucking see a comment on That Post that says a variation of either “THAT’S SO ME” or “after summer break”

i have to disagree “heckie” is a crime against humanity

you’re not wrong. i just hate the others more because i see them every goddamn day whereas that one i see very rarely which is a blessing from christ himself i think

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the worst word to infiltrate tumblr outside of “frickle frackle”

yeah. even having to see it in the savior notification makes me dry heave